Composed and performed by Lorenzo Pagiaro, Cristiano Zatta, Giuseppe Bertolino, Luca Greco
Produced by Imaginatic - ImageSonika

Released in April 2022
© 2006-2022 SkillMedia Master

ARTIST: Imaginatic
GENRE: world - electronica
TYPE: album - singles
FORMAT: WAV 48|16 high resolution files - available only with PRO synchronization licence
LICENSING OPTIONS: layered mix versions and different length cuts are available upon music licensing request

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Going depth into
pop cultures
of the world

A kaleidoscope of world sounds

OtherWorld by Imaginatic is a musical storytelling journey celebrating  different customs, traditions and landscapes throughout all the continents. Originally composed and performed by artists for pro audio-video soundtracks these musical themes are also available for your emotional listening. OtherWorld is the snap match for mind travelling between Asia and Europe, from Africa to America and all the way down  to Australia.

OtherWorld is the perfect representation of the composer's approach to the writing and performance technique of  electronica music, through the minimal use of synthesizers and audio samples, whilst never forgetting the power of the imagination stimulation process, creating a sort of symbiosis with the audience.