Il Cammino di Antonio
The first live concert

Discover the concert of Il Cammino di Antonio at the San Benedetto Church in Padua.
The event evoked great enthusiasm and attracted a strong audience presence.

last but not least

Francesca's Heart
A whirlwind of emotions

Sunny days appeared blurred through the cold glass of my window
Playful screams and the sound of a soft blowing breeze would ring out in my mind...

PandolfoPaolo returns on ImageSonika with his new release —  Sonata for Violin and Piano (Francesca’s Heart) — an eclectic piece of music of the Italian "contemporary classical" composer and performed by the violinist Matteo Valerio and the pianist Gabriele Dal Santo.


Contemporary Classical And Crossover

ImageSonika is a leading independent label for music creatives.

It supports talent, helping to cultivate ideas and projects, enhancing the creativity and inspiration of the composition process, musical production, performance and visual work.

ImageSonika promotes artists, taking care of their work by the publication, distribution, licensing and managements of rights. ImageSonika was founded in 2021 by the producer, sound engineer and composer Cristiano Zatta and creative image producer and photographer Michele Zangrossi.

The mission is to produce music for audiovisual and film, mostly bespoke and custom solutions, thanks to the collaboration of specialists, from classical, film soundtracks, crossover and electronica.

ImageSonika also offers synchronisation licensing for music from its catalogue.

As an independent label, ImageSonika takes advantage of its own San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte, a state of the art recording studio and auditorium/stage created within an ancient chapel in Padua - Italy, where artists can capture their best performances for the high quality demand of our clients.