Demons and Angels

Élise Richard

Demons and Angels

6 Variations for piano on "Confutatis Maledictis” by W.A. Mozart

Performed by Élise Richard (piano)
Produced by Pandolfo Paolo and Cristiano Zatta - ImageSonika

Released in January 2024
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ARTIST: Élise Richard
COMPOSER: PandolfoPaolo
GENRE: contemporary classical
FORMAT: WAV 96|24 high resolution files - available only with PRO synchronization license

ARTWORK: image courtesy of Pok Rie


A contemporary vision of a timeless requiem

Demons and Angels is an opera of 6 variations for piano on the world-famous Mozart requiem that PandolfoPaolo has recently wrote in memoriam of his composing teacher and mentor M° Wolfango Dalla Vecchia, and dedicated to the pianist Élise Richard.

An eclectic piece of contemporary classical music composition that seems to reflect upon the challenges of our time. Furthermore it should be considered like a very technical score that put a strain on even a talented pianist like Élise is. Also in this occasion Élise offers a very personal interpretation that enhances whole composition peculiarities of Pandolfo’s music.

By the way the composer supported the pianist giving all the assistance and suggestions she needed along the recording session. The partnership between the two artists has also consolidated a friendship that could portend new future collaborations.

Demons and Angels