The Italian composer PandolfoPaolo acquired the roots of his training in the study of the centuries-old tradition of musical art in the Veneto region, where the grandeur of the sacred creations forged in cathedrals has admirably merged with the instrumental and vocal virtuosity of the irreverent theatre of Baroque Venice. A fertile union between the sacred and the profane.

It is in Padua, in the ideal triangle that unites the domes of the Basilica of Sant'Antonio, the Computational Sonology Center of the University and the Pollini Conservatory of Music, that a multifaceted and unprejudiced musical compositional concept is born, free to create with all genres available.

After a difficult period in the second half of the twentieth century in which “cultured” music closed in an elitist and self-referential snobbery, PandolfoPaolo decidedly embarked on the path of music as a language of communication that is understandable for the listener and of involvement for the player; all always on the path of the search for quality.

PandolfoPaolo, has been recognised in numerous national and international competitions with large works including the Te Deum for solos, choir and organ, winner of the Anima Mundi competition for the 950th anniversary of the Cathedral of Pisa and chaired by Sir John Eliot Gardiner (2014), success repeated in 2017 (the only case in the history of the event founded by the late maestro Giuseppe Sinopoli).

The encounter with the magic of the recording room, with the alchemies that revolve around San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte in Padua have led to collaborations with artists of other genres, providing the qualities of an orchestrator with the most modern sounds of the pop guitar and folding the sound of the strings to the needs of the historical narration of a soundtrack.
A musical dimension without borders that runs through unexplored spaces of contamination and marriages with the sole intention of sharing the joy of creativity.

ImageSonika produced and published the most significative recorded opera of the composer:
Musica Sacra (Sacred Music) released in 2017
Pink Quartet (Concert for string quartet) released in 2020
Along The Path album from A.D. 1221 Il Primo Cammino di Antonio (The Path of Anthony) soundtrack released in 2021
Consolazione (Concerto for Piano) released in 2021
Trio d’Amore (Suite for Piano, Violin, Cello)
Francesca’s Heart (Sonata for Piano and Violin)
Piano Sonata Cold Winter, released in 2022.

On June 2023  the Sacred Oratorio “Il Cammino di Antonio” was performed in the majestic Basilica of Sant’Anthony in Padua, and for the occasion ImageSonika released the video series which includes the concert, a docufilm of the story and a backstage documentary of the orchestra and its conductor.
Lastly on January 2024 the Pandolfo’s last works as Demons and Angels - 6 Variations for piano on “Confutatis Maledictis” by W.A. Mozart, and the Preludes for piano solo (Your Hands, Ondine and Sabato) have been recorded and published thanks to the consolidated partnership with the pianist Élise Richard.


memorie dall'eterno

Memorie dall'Eterno
opera for piano and four voices

The riddle of Gerione. Who is the unnamed around whom Dante builds the infernal monster? There is nothing random behind the symbolic structure that alludes to the city of Padua and its culture.Many protagonists for an interpretation. A scholar, a banker, a university professor of medicine and the contrast between two worlds, close in space and far in time: the Middle Ages at sunset and the first light of modern culture.

elise richard and pandolfopaolo

New releases from the partnership between PandolfoPaolo and Élise Richard

The last meeting between the composer PandolfoPaolo and the pianist Élise Richard was particularly effective. Two intense days of recording to realize numerous publications of the composer’s new works. Demons and Angels - 6 variations for piano on the world-famous Mozart requiem, 3 Preludes fro piano solo (Your HandsOndine and Sabato), and De la Terre et de l’Esprit, a live recording of a performance by Élise Richard for few special guest at San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte. A suggestive program which includes music by Johann Christian Bach, Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, and of contemporary composers Brian Field and PandolfoPaolo.

il cammino di antonio

PandolfoPaolo debuts with his composition «Il Cammino di Antonio» at the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua

On the 15th of June 2023 the concert of the Sacred Oratorio Il Cammino di Antonio was performed at the majesty of the Basilica of Saint Anthony in PaduaThis was a hugely successful event for St. Anthony's Feast Days, that met the enthusiasm of all who came along.

Dante's Music Competition 2022

PandolfoPaolo is the winner of the prize "Dante's Music Competition 2022"

Ravenna - Italy 2022-09-18
Memorie di sangue (Memories of blood) is the title of the opera winner of the  "Dante's Music Competition 2022”Composed by M° PandolfoPaolo in collaboration and with the supervision of the  Prof. Giovanni Ponchio.


artist Concentus M. Patavinus
composer PandolfoPaolo

Il Cammino di Antonio
(Live at Basilica)

artist Élise Richard
composer PandolfoPaolo

Piano Sonata
Cold Winter

artists M. Valerio G. Dal Santo
composer PandolfoPaolo

Francesca’s Heart

artists M. Valerio G. Dal Santo
composer PandolfoPaolo

Francesca’s Heart

artist Pretto, Valerio, Dal Santo
composer PandolfoPaolo

Trio d'Amore

artist G. Dal Santo
composer PandolfoPaolo


artist Sonika String Quintet
composer PandolfoPaolo

Along the Path

artist Quartetto Obliquo.
composer PandolfoPaolo

Pink Quartet

artist various
composer PandolfoPaolo

Musica Sacra