Élise Richard

Your Hands

Performed by Élise Richard (piano)
Produced by Cristiano Zatta - ImageSonika

Released in January 2024
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ARTIST: Élise Richard
COMPOSER: PandolfoPaolo
GENRE: contemporary classical / ambient
TYPE: Single
FORMAT: WAV 96|24 high resolution files - available only with PRO synchronization license

ARTWORK: image courtesy of Rodolfo Clix


Hands to love and hate

Coming from Canada but currently Paris-based for carrier and life new opportunities, pianist Élise Richard releases a new single titled “Your Hands”, following on from her traveling to Italy on last summer.
She interprets the recent composition for piano solo of PandolfoPaolo consolidating their friendship and collaboration born on the web and then made concrete on time they spent together at San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte.

“Your Hands” can be defined as a minimalist Contemporary Classical piece of music, and its touching mood reveals a little know aspect of the composer.
A short piece of music to describe the power that hands can have in both love and hatred stories, which also inspirate a brand new videoclip from Imaginatic, who collaborates with Élise and Paolo on “Your Hands” realization.

The recording sounds dark and natural according to the piano and place characteristics, and reflects the original intention of intimacy imagined by the artists, and it is so stripped back that you can appreciate the finest details of the sound.