Minimalscapes is the latest collection of music from the Imaginatic archive, for which the artist collected some pieces of music specifically created for the purpose. 

Duo Jerez

Recuerdos de un exilio

The first release by Duo Jerez, a musical repertoire with Spanish and Italian music and lyrics, which is lead by the cultural and linguistic roots of the two performers.



Wild grooves, dramatic and meditative textures plunge the audience into an extremely impressive ambiances.



Atmosdream by Imaginatic a journey across electronica, trip hop, downtempo, jungle and ambient music styles.

Martina Micaglio

Keep me imperfect

Even the world’s greatest beauties are full of imperfections.
Nature is magnifically imperfect, with rules that constantly repeat and change with their own little details into an astonishing perfection of universal greatness.

Martina Micaglio

Keep me imperfect - Fix You (videoclip)

Keep me imperfect, because I am well aware of my limits but…  When you try your best, but you don't succeed. When you lose something you can't replace. How could it be worse?
Just discover me, I am imperfect… But my music will guide you home, And I will try to fix you

Martina Micaglio

Keep me imperfect - She Used to Be Mine (videoclip)

It's not simple to say… that I’m not anything like I used to be, because if I’m honest I know I would give it all back. And now I’ve got you I truly understand I am imperfect, but I try. Do you really think I’m a careless woman? Just discover me

Martina Micaglio

Keep me imperfect - Particles (videoclip)

Here I am… and I am floating in my own life trying to keep my balance right.
I know I am imperfect, but I love my art and live for it
Do you really think I’m a dreamer? Just discover me

Élise Richard


Canadian pianist Élise Richard and violinist Florianne Côte-Richard performed Métamorphose  at the live show “Performing for Friends” at San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte. A musical journey between Baroque and Contemporary classical music.


Piano Sonata - Cold Winter

"It sifts from leaden sieves, It powders all the wood, It fills with alabaster wool. The wrinkles of the road."


Francesca’s Heart

"Sunny days appeared blurred through the cold glass of my window
Playful screams and the sound of a soft blowing breeze would ring out in my mind"


Trio d'Amore

“Today you are ready to dance
the ballet of your life,
ready to present your magnificent beauty to the world”


I Will for Love

A minimalist music for a short film. I Will For Love represents the unanswered question about the innate and vital human need for love.


Consolazione (for piano solo)

“Survived in the silence of an unhappy home,
 a piano is the only lighthouse for my soul”


Along the Path

PandolfoPaolo releases Along The Path, the new soundtrack from the docufilm A.D. 1221 Il primo Cammino di Antonio (The Path of Anthony)

Luca Francioso

Sea - Strings Evocative Arrangements

An enchanting musical storytelling through Luca Francioso’s life experiences and his mystical bond with the sea. An intimate revealing by the artist


Pink Quartet

A surprising discovery from the San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte archive,
allows a new publishing from the PaondolfoPaolo’s music composing works

Luca Francioso - Trevor Gordon Hall


An exclusive live recording session by Luca Francioso and Trevor Gordon Hall at San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte


Musica Sacra

PandolfoPaolo returns with his first full-length album "Musica Sacra - (Sacred Music) recorded by Cristiano Zatta at San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte auditorium in 2017



The beautiful blue painted planet recounted through a collection of emotional music



Crime by Imaginatic can enhance and emphasize the tension and drama in action scenes to make them more dramatic, intense and breathtaking


Lost in the Dark

A brand new immersive music collection devoted to the sounds of mystery



Going into the depths of pop culture around the world


Dream Journey

Travelling with Imaginatic musical exclusives