Luca Francioso

Luca Francioso

Luca Francioso is an eclectic and polyhedric artist.
He knows his limits well, but he has never set any limits on his dreams.

He plays the acoustic guitar, composes and teaches music, writes novels, short stories and poems, draws and deals with graphics, video and web design. He has a prolific artistic production and an intense concert activity, in Italy and abroad.

Musician, writer and graphic designer, Luca Francioso was born on May 19, 1976 in Reggio Calabria.

Luca began studying classical guitar in 1987 with the M°. Giuseppe Alati and approaches the fingerstyle technique in 1996, perfecting it in 1997 with the guitarist Franco Morone. He began writing his first short stories in 1991 and graduated from the A. Modigliani in Padua in 1993. After two years at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Padua, he abandoned his studies and devoted himself completely to artistic activity.

His prolific career includes several albums, EPs, singles, DVDs, lives, collections, ringtones, fingerstyle manuals, novels and short stories and he has performed in more than 1200 concerts.

Noteworthy the concert show named Notes Told that Francioso wrote and continue to perform, has been represented in 11 different countries (Italy, Spain, England, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, United States, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia).

Along with the usual live events in clubs, auditoriums and theatres, other concert scenarios have taken place, such as concerts at a high altitude Musicammina and busking on the streets of the cities. He also holds concerts in private homes and opens the doors of his own home twice a year for Suoni di casa mia.

Luca Francioso has shared the stage with numerous international artists including Reno Brandoni, Franco Morone, Massimo Varini, Giovanni Baglioni, Maneli Jamal, Don Alder, and participated in the most important Italian guitar festivals including Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Ferentino Acustica FestivalSoave Guitar FestivalAcoustic Franciacorta, performing several times also at the Namm Show in Anaheim (Los Angeles) and at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

ImageSonika produced the latest Francioso’s works: Dodici Sieri singles (2018), Empathy live recording session album performed with the American guitarist Gordon Trevor Hall (2019), and SEA - Strings Evocative Arrangements (2020) concept album dedicated to the emphatic life relationship by the artist and the sea.

Luca Francioso and the composer PandolfoPaolo have been sharing the production and on which the classical composer Pandolfo has written the arrangements of the strings orchestra for the entire album.

Luca Francioso

artist Luca Francioso
composer L.FranciosoP.Pandolfo

SEA - Strings Evocative Arrangements


Luca Francioso &
Trevor Gordon Hall

Live at San Giacomo