Luca Francioso

SEA - Strings Evocative Arrangements

Performed by Luca Francioso (guitar) and Sonika String Orchestra
String arrangements by Paolo Pandolfo
Produced by Cristiano Zatta - ImageSonika

Released in December 2019
© 2019 SkillMedia Master

ARTIST: Luca Francioso
GENRE: ambient - fingerstyle - acoustic - soundtrack - contemporary classical
TYPE: album - singles
FORMAT: WAV 96|24 high resolution files - available only with PRO synchronisation licence 

Stories of life. Sound waves floating in the water

SEA - Strings Evocative Arrangements: the original compositions of the Italian fingerstyle guitarist and composer Luca Francioso meet the precious string arrangements by the composer PandolfoPaolo.

Eight musical narratives inspired by the sea, whose perpetual and changing flow is able to unite and divide, burn and heal, shape and erase, without any judgment.
In the different scenarios revealed by the pieces, are six compositions taken from previous publications by Luca Francioso and two originals.

Luca Francioso
Sonika String Ensemble

The sound of the acoustic guitar vibrates and dialogues with the sounds of a twelve-piece string orchestra and a quintet, arriving, story after history, to merge with the voice of the sea, at the end of an intense journey of melodies and harmonies intertwined like water textures.

A precious orchestral arrangements composed by PandolfoPaolo performed by Sonika String Ensemble.

SEA - Strings Evocative Arrangements is available on digital stores for purchase. Synchronisation licensing is available on request.