Musica Sacra


Musica Sacra (Sacred Music)

Composed and directed by PandolfoPaolo
Performed by St. Joseph String Quintet:
Massimo Forese (I violin), Erica Zerbetto (II violin), Egle Rizzuto (viola),
Martina Baratella (cello), Francesco Piovan (double bass)
Lead: Lucia Beltrame (sopran), Maurizio Franceschetti (bass)
Produced by PandolfoPaolo - ImageSonika

Released in 2017
© 2017 PandolfoPaolo

ARTIST: PandolfoPaolo
GENRE: classical - chamber-sacred music - string quintet, vocals
TYPE: album - singles
FORMAT: WAV 88.2|24 high resolution files - available only with PRO synchronization licence

A sacred modernity

A complete sacred, contemporary music release from the new-classical composer PandolfoPaolo. Ten original compositions interpreted by the vocals of Lucia Beltrame (soprano), Maurizio Franceschetti (bass) and the chamber ensemble of the St. Joseph String Quintet: Massimo Forese (I violin) - Erica Zerbetto (II violin) - Egle Rizzuto (viola) - Martina Baratella (cello) - Francesco Piovan (double bass).

A new vision of Sacred Music reborn
PandolfoPaolo returns with his first full-length album Musica Sacra - (Sacred Music) recorded by Cristiano Zatta at San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte auditorium in 2017.

An immersive chamber music compilation that blends the tradition of classical “Messa” through the contemporary interpretation of the composer.

Musica Sacra
Musica Sacra

Respecting the conventional spirit of the sacred tradition it is contrasted with a modern chamber string ensemble orchestration, creating a new and interesting point of view in the specific music panorama. 

Mixed and mastered by Marco Lincetto (Velut Luna) scrupulously, preserving the interpreters’ performance and the integrity of the natural vibes of the location.

Musica Sacra  is available on digital stores for purchase including sheet music. Synchronisation licensing is available on request.