I Will for Love


I Will for Love

Performed by Irene Zatta (cello), Cristiano Zatta (piano - sampled orchestra - bass - programming)
Produced by Cristiano Zatta - ImageSonika

Released in March 2022
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ARTIST: Imaginatic
GENRE: soundtrack - contemporary classical
TYPE: album - singles
FORMAT:  WAV 48|24 high resolution files - available only with PRO synchronization license


Minimalist music for a short film

I will for love is the original music soundtrack album of Qualcuno dice l’amore - (Someone Says Love) a dramatic short film written and directed by Luca Settimo presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2015 (in the Veneto Region short film category). Its minimalist music scoring represents the unanswered question about the innate and vital human need for love.

The writing approach that gives more freedom and inspiration to the composer

Sometimes playing very few notes doesn't necessarily mean it is an easy musical composition, particularly when the objective is focusing on the narration of the story. Simple musical themes enable an immediate and effective comprehension of the message that we would like to project to the audience. However it doesn't mean a simplified or a foregone conclusion.

The new release I will for love from Imaginatic perfectly represents this kind of approach from the composer’s point of view, where the whole objective stimulates and creates a very emotional aspect. An effective approach used by the composer Cristiano Zatta Aka Imaginatic.
"That is why my favourite creative process when composing music for images is sitting in front of the black and white keys, while watching a video and forgetting about the notes, harmonies, time and rules. My only task is focusing on the sensations that the images convey to me, so I leave my hands free to move over the keyboard, without any control of the performance flow… 

I Will for Love
I Will for Love

It's as if my hands can interpret the actions or thoughts of the actors and the mood of the scene. It is a very fulfilling and emotionally engaging approach for a composer because you can express exactly how you feel, without any filter. This might seem like an unconventional way, but it is exactly what I want. It is the easiest way to record a truthful track, which represents exactly how I feel, without any sort of restrictions or external conditioning."

Nowadays it might be an unconventional and perhaps primordial way to compose music for a soundtrack. But it is very effective, especially when the stories seem too “conventional” and the risk of creating “conventional” music is very high. 

“I also like to focus my attention on the vibrations and every little detail that the instruments give to me, to make sure that they match perfectly with each detail of the scene or the actors. I am convinced that this is the key to conveying the true message of the whole opera to the final audience, and not only from a musical point of view.” 

Finally a particular aspect of the I will for love music soundtrack is based by on piano and cello themes, and this is like a dialogue between the two instruments, which represent the two protagonists of the short film. Orchestral sounds and others musical instruments and samples are a sort of musical glue made up of simple sounds and harmony chords, exactly like the background actors and the photography are.

“I performed the piano parts first, whilst in my mind I imagined the cello parts and the arrangements. Irene Zatta (the cellist) understood my vision of the project and captured the true meaning of the opera. She interpreted perfectly the relatively simple score, which at the same time required great skills and sensibility.
Irene was able to offer a personal and delicate touch through the magnificent sound nuances of her instrument.” 
Cristiano Zatta

Irene Zatta e Cristiano Zatta