Keep Me Imperfect

Martina Micaglio

Keep Me Imperfect

Performed by Martina Micaglio
feat. Giorgia Duranti - piano

COVER: Alessandro Corrò

Produced by Cristiano Zatta - ImageSonika

Released in December 2022
© 2022 SkillMedia Master

ARTIST: Martina Micaglio
GENRE: pop


Keep Me Imperfect

Keep Me Imperfect

Even the world’s greatest beauties are full of imperfections.
Nature is magnifically imperfect, with rules that constantly repeat and change with their own little details into an astonishing perfection of universal greatness.
Love is imperfect just like humans are, even if most people spend their whole life in pursuit of their own vital perfection.
Art is also made up of many imperfections, which reflect the uniqueness of knowledge and innate sensibility of each human creator, which appears like a sort of individual watermark.

Martina Micaglio’s sensitivity and honesty as an artist takes the path of demonstrating the importance of imperfections that occur, because imperfections happen in music and in life. She applies a very challenging approach to live performances, while showing her art to audiences. She chooses the beauty of truth, and through her skills she emotionally and physically bares all, revealing a small streak of grandiosity.

The musical project Keep Me Imperfect is a representation of the beliefs of the artist, who explains her approach through three songs, all totally different from each other.
They are all  connected by the same storyline that she created herself,  which sends the message “Don’t be obsessed by perfection, because real beauty is made up of lots hidden imperfections”.

Martina began by performing Particles by Olafur Arnalds and Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, while respecting the expression of the original artists, but approaching the song with her own personal style. Her musical storytelling continues on She Used To Be Mine by the singer songwriter Sara Bareilles and then she finishes with an original and intimate version of the world famous song Fix You by the British musical group the Coldplay.

Keep Me Imperfect

Here I am
…and I am floating in my own life trying to keep my balance right.
I know I am imperfect, but I love my art and live for it
Do you really think I’m a dreamer?
Just discover me

It's not simple to say
… that I’m not anything like I used to be
because if I’m honest I know I would give it all back
And now I’ve got you I truly understand I am imperfect, but I try.
Do you really think I’m a careless woman?
Just discover me

Keep me imperfect
because I am well aware of my limits but…
When you try your best, but you don't succeed 
When you lose something you can't replace
How could it be worse?
Just discover me,
I am imperfect…
But my voice will guide you home
And I will try to fix you