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PandolfoPaolo is the winner of the prize “Dante's Music Competition 2022"

Ravenna - Italy 2022-09-18
Memorie di sangue (Memories of blood) is the title of the original opera which won of the "Dante's Music Competition 2022”.
It has composed by M° PandolfoPaolo together with Professor Ponchio, one of the world's leading experts on the life and works of Dante Alighieri, who oversaw the creation of the opera libretto on the verses of the famous Italian poet.

Memorie di sangue is a dramatic musical opera for soprano, tenor, baritone, narrator, organ and orchestra and the libretto is taken the fifth verse of the Purgatory from Divina Commedia.

The opera captured the emotional flow of the verse written by the poet, throughout a precious musical textured between strings and woodwinds and brasses. The majesty of the organ create a sort of glue between the orchestra and the sounds generated by the pipes, with vibrant lows tones and unexpected solo parts.
The beauty of melodies dedicated to the soloist singers whom represent the protagonists of the stories enhance the verses written by the “sommo poeta”.

The premiere of Memorie di sangue has been presented in the end of summer 2022 in occasion of the concert review “Musica e Spirito” established by the Centro Dantesco di Ravenna at the Basilica of San Francesco in the heart of the beautiful city of Ravenna, which houses the tomb of the world famous Italian poet.
Performed by Orchestra della Cappella Musicale of the San Francesco Basilica in Ravenna

DIRECTOR: M° Giuliano Amadei
SOPRANO: Anna Caterina Cornacchini
TENOR: Patrizio Saudelli
BARITONE: Maurizio Franceschetti
NARRATOR: Marco Montanari