memorie dall'eterno

Memorie dall’Eterno
opera for piano and four voices

The riddle of Gerione. Who is the unnamed around whom Dante builds the infernal monster? There is nothing random behind the symbolic structure that alludes to the city of Padua and its culture.Many protagonists for an interpretation. A scholar, a banker, a university professor of medicine and the contrast between two worlds, close in space and far in time: the Middle Ages at sunset and the first light of modern culture.

elise richard and pandolfopaolo

New releases from the partnership between PandolfoPaolo and Élise Richard

The last meeting between the composer PandolfoPaolo and the pianist Élise Richard was particularly effective. Two intense days of recording to realize numerous publications of the composer’s new works. Demons and Angels - 6 variations for piano on the world-famous Mozart requiem, 3 Preludes fro piano solo (Your HandsOndine and Sabato), and De la Terre et de l’Esprit, a live recording of a performance by Élise Richard for few special guest at San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte. A suggestive program which includes music by Johann Christian Bach, Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, and of contemporary composers Brian Field and PandolfoPaolo.

Duo Jerez performs the Asturiana

Duo Jerez performs the Asturiana by Manuel De Falla

The “Asturiana” by Manuel De Falla, is the last ReliveTheArtist session by Duo Jerez from the release Recuerdos de un exilio. A musical repertoire with Spanish and Italian music and lyrics, which is lead by the cultural and linguistic roots of the two performers.



artist Concentus M. Patavinus
composer PandolfoPaolo

Il Cammino di Antonio
(Live at Basilica)

artist Duo Jerez
composer various

Recuerdos de un exilio

artist Imaginatic
composer various


artist Martina Micaglio
composer various

Keep Me Imperfect

artist Élise Richard
composer PandolfoPaolo

Piano Sonata
Cold Winter

artist Luca Francioso
composer L.Francioso, P.Pandolfo

SEA Strings Evocative Arrangements


Contemporary Classical And Crossover

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ImageSonika promotes artists, taking care of their work by the publication, distribution, licensing and managements of rights. ImageSonika was founded in 2021 by the producer, sound engineer and composer Cristiano Zatta and creative image producer and photographer Michele Zangrossi.

The mission is to produce music for audiovisual and film, mostly bespoke and custom solutions, thanks to the collaboration of specialists, from classical, film soundtracks, crossover and electronica.

ImageSonika also offers synchronization licensing for music from its catalogue.

As an independent label, ImageSonika takes advantage of its own San Giacomo - Spazio d’Arte, a state of the art recording studio and auditorium/stage created within an ancient chapel in Padua - Italy, where artists can capture their best performances for the high quality demand of our clients.